Why Am I So Happy?

Why am i so happy box imageDr. Mike Cockrell just released his new book “Why Am I So Happy? My Prescription for Success and Happiness” that gives you an inspired and insightful look at how you can overcome any obstacle and live the life of your dreams.

Mike has drawn on years of life lessons, learning, and hardship to build the life he always had envisioned for himself. It wasn’t always easy, but through choosing to look at the world with a positive mindset and incorporating that outlook into his everyday life, Mike has built a happy life for him and his family.

Why Am I So Happy? Don’t You Want To Be?

Here is an excerpt from Mike’s book:

“How we think about ourselves will rule what we do with our lives. So many times we tell ourselves that we are not capable of doing things and so we never try. Do you realize that many of these thoughts we have about what we can or can’t do are lies? They are not true. In fact, you had little or no control over how most of those thoughts even got into your head. 

Have you ever wondered why you seem to instinctively know not to stick your hand in the fire or touch a hot stove? It was likely because as a small child you were repeatedly told, “Don’t touch that. It is hot.” We are not just born knowing that we can’t sing; we are trained not to sing.

 Often times our loving parents, friends, family, and co-workers train us to believe we can’t do something, and they don’t even realize that they are doing it. These mental memes hold us back from achieving the lifestyle we truly desire.

 The good thing about all of this is that none of these thoughts have to be permanent.

 You can change everything about you. That’s right, everything.

 In order to change, you have to be willing to look at things differently. In particular, you have to be willing to start looking at yourself differently.” -Dr. Mike Cockrell

If you want to be happy in your life then those first steps are up to you. I highly recommend “Why Am I So Happy?” because it gives you a blueprint for changing your life for the better.

Living positively brings you a healthier lifestyle, reduces stress, and allows you to truly enjoy the life around you. We should all strive for that. If you know someone who could benefit from that kind of lifestyle then this book is for them.

Change starts with a choice. The choice is YOURS.

Live life fully, peace to you all.

Chad R Martin


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