Transformers: Age of Extinction Review


I realized one thing very early on, before the FIRST Transformers movie came out, this wasn’t going to be the cartoons I grew up with. There was absolutely no surprise there. Hollywood put’s its own spin into everything they do and Transformers was no different. Nevertheless I enjoyed the first one immensely. It was fun. It wasn’t Oscar worthy, littered with intensely deep emotional layers, nor was it supposed to be. It’s a movie based on a toy line and was treated as such.

Did I despair that they changed characters and origins? Yep. I’m a firm believer that you don’t reinvent the wheel, you improve it, you add to the lexicon. Three movies later we now arrive at the fourth installment of this mega money making series. The characters are pretty much the same as the other movies: Reject trying to find his way in the world, hot girls in short shorts, the comedic relief character (Stanley Tucci in this one, which I very much enjoyed), and the Optimus Prime almost-destroyed-but-making-a-comeback plot line.

For a lot of people, it’s going to be a waste and they will rise up in anger over some of the events that occur, specifically, the creation of Galvatron. Purists know that Galvatron was the reanimation of Megatron as he drifted practically lifeless in space until he came across Unicron who reformed him into Galvatron. That’s not at all what happens in this movie. Actually, the movies main antagonist robot is a neutral robot who despises both Autobots and Decepticons named Lock Down. He is like a big game hunter. The irony is that his transformation is what Galvatron’s should have been, a huge canon capable of complete destruction.

I’m also not a fan of BumbleBee still being a mute and only talking through radio bits but in the same breath I have to say that it is actually humorous how it’s handled and probably gives him an added dimension as a character. Feel free to disagree. People will also complain about the human element, especially when it comes to the humans that side with the Autobots. Funny how they forget about Spike and his dad in the original cartoon. That kid could really get annoying, but I would love to see them bring that character to the big screen.

I love Kelsey Grammer as a villain. Stanley Tucci, as I mentioned above, was hilarious. Mark Wahlberg delivers his usual performance which I was fine with.

I won’t spoil the movie by dissecting it or the various plot holes. What I will say is that me and my daughter thoroughly enjoyed the movie. It wasn’t a masterpiece at all, it’s a visually stunning Michael Bay film that was entertaining. That’s what he makes his living doing, not for creating works of storytelling genius, nor does he pretend to. Bay delivers tons of eye-candy ass-kicking robot fun with destruction that makes Man Of Steel seem puny in comparison.

Purists will hate it. But, if you are looking to just have some fun and enjoy what was certainly better than the last one then go see this movie. I still hold out hope that one day they will reboot it and use the source material for an awesome shot in the arm.

I give it a 3 out of 5 in the Sci-fi/Action category.


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