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Stanley’s Lost Gift

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Stanley’s Lost Gift Stanley’s Lost Gift is Volume 2 of the Loralai Ledbetter series. Stanley Gothblue is on his way to his best friend’s birthday party when he suddenly has the gift he was taking stolen from him. He is ashamed to tell Loralai that he…

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Loralai The Lonely

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Loralai The Lonely Loralai The Lonely is the first book in the Loralai Ledbetter Series. Loralai Ledbetter lived a lonely life in the small town of Perilous Plot until that one fateful day she finds some new friends who help her discover that life is…

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Don’t Color On The Wall

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Don’t Color On The Wall Don’t Color On The Wall is the first book in the Growing With Chloe series, written and illustrated by Shirley Rena Smith. It tells the story of Chloe, a young girl who is trapped inside the house on a rainy…

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Dad Made A Mess

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Dad Made A Mess In Dad Made A Mess dad decides to make a snack for Chloe but instead he ends up making a mess! Mom has to clean up the mess and ends up making the snack for Chloe. In this second book of…

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Silas’ Fall Adventure

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Silas’ Fall Adventure Silas’ Fall Adventure is a children’s book that follows Silas around a special fall day on his Pappy’s farm, Laurel Rose Manor. Follow along with Silas as he visits with the animals, plays on the hay bales and many other adventures on…

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Shawn Shaw Karate Baby

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The Adventures of Shawn Shaw Karate Baby Shawn Shaw Karate Baby is a new series of children’s books by Auntie M. In his first adventure, Shawn has just arrived home from the hospital for the first time only to have someone steal his mustache pacifier….

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The Prized Tooth

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The Prized Tooth Written by Country Music Artist Prentis Goodwin, The Prized Tooth tells the story of the tooth fairies and their annual hunt for a magical tooth. This is the story of a young boy, Aiden, who went to the dentist only to discover that…

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