Poets Corner

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When I Am With You

By Lisa Cockrell

When I am with you, I am strong, confident, and independent.

I am giving, easily surprised, and enjoy living.

I can live my life alone without being lonely.

I can complete task, and challenge myself to a better life.

 But when I am with you..   Love feels alive, friendship is simple,

your touch reaches the depths of my soul, and your words burn into my heart.

 I love sunrises and sunsets,

but the colors are much more vivid with your eyes watching with me.

Music is moving and exhilarating but even more powerful when we listen together.

Food taste better, wine is sweeter, and breezes move more swiftly when I am with you.

Love is stronger, peace is gentler,

and the world seems to move a little slower when I am with you..

When I am with you I am more alive and more me than I ever thought I could ever be.

When I am with you I am thankful.

I am thankful; that you are my other half,

my better half, and the half that completes me.

When I am with you I am simply the best of me.

laurel rose publishing


The Drowning Man

By Chad R Martin

In all the corners of hell, I see,

The depth and scope and breath of me

In the chaos of the grey,

I beg and pray for brighter days.

A simple thing, a muted shout,

That fights the silence to be thrown about.

Yet bouncing off the walls of gloom,

It fades in the corners of padded rooms.

A glint that melts into the dusk,

Beholds the scent of sorrows musk.

The smell of never-ending need,

A cancer that will slink and breed.

That turns upon a tear of hope

And drowns it in the deepest mote.

One last breath, a dying ember

A loss of love no one remembers.


laurel rose publishing

Soft Rain

by JC Martin

Soft rain kissing our cheeks
The sun hides its lovely face
Behind the clouds in embarrassment
For the love that we make

Our fingers are intertwined
Your hips press into mine
Lips dance around my ear
As my fears disappear

Let us capture this moment
Freeze frame vision in our minds
Your sweet scent overtaking me
Intoxicating and turning me blind

My senses overload
We don’t speak in code
Whisper every desire
Soft rain won’t extinguish the fire

laurel rose publishing


by Miss Stacy Blaise

I am a burden so you see
No one wants to take care of me
I spent my life caring for everyone
Only to hear from them “I’m done”

The wrinkles cut deep into my face
There are many scars without a trace
I thought these would be my golden years
Never thinking of I would have many fears

My fears include day to day care
I try not to be trouble I swear
I try to sneak around the house
Not getting as much love as a field mouse

My love left me so long ago
I miss him more than you’ll ever know
He would be so ashamed of how they treat me
I can still hear him calling me his’ honey bee

I am no longer a wife
So I’m going to end my life
I swallow the pills one by one
Now, I’m the one that says I’m done

*I wrote this poem after dialyzing an elderly woman that had overdosed on aspirin because she was a burden to her family.

laurel rose publishing

Even Until

By Chad R Martin

Perhaps you tire of what I profess,
But I must say it, never-the- less.
For these words are all I know
To make peace within my soul.
I have to force the thoughts away,
Of holding you each and every day.
And set my nerve and my course,
To steer away from all remorse.
I do not pause nor do I regret
When thinking of what hasn’t been yet.
For what is life without a dream,
A grounded ship in a tiny stream.
I sense your doubt and your fear
Of what could be if we grow near.
But fear is where failure hides,
Twisting hope with its lies.
The only thing that kills a heart
Is never allowing love a start.
Doubt can only be undone
By allowing the day to meet the sun.
And in that sun burns a truth,
It’s what keeps me coming back to you.
What others are blind to behold,
I can see and help it grow.
You are worth this life and more,
You’re what I treasure and I adore.
So accept these words for what they are
Truth more numerous than the stars.
And know with each enduring breath,
I love you even until death

laurel rose publishing

The Boy in Golden Ties 

By Nick Williams 

The boy in golden ties
Came to us ready
Aptitude, and lies
As the woman continues her cries
Ever so steady;

My son i sent ahead
No one knows you now
Different, despise
So I’ll see you in the next life
But you won’t look me in the eyes
So I’ll say my goodbyes
To the boy in golden ties”

“Heaven, lost in the midst
I thought I called home
Let you, find my way
Set it off, set it down
Let it fall off
Let it, fall
Set me on
Let me down
Just to see you smile again”

laurel rose publishing

I’m At Peace

by Arthur Avant

Listen to what seems to be a gentle cry,
It could be your soul with grief but don’t know why.

The whisper of peace has gently whispered in your ear,
And the angel of time has said she was near.

A sensitive heart has come to hold your hand,
The heavens gate has opened and you hear the band.

No more cry no more pain no more sorrow to feel,
Everything around you makes you smile and feel so real.

Your walk is quiet and thy words have a smile that trails along,
The thoughts of forever being at peace makes you sing a happy song.

Some often wonder how can I remain at peace all the time,
Why does things not bother me and my light forever shines.

Each moment I live I enjoy it and shall let no human ruin my day,
Im not a bit concerned with what is negative and ugly things to say.

My heart is full of love and my soul is a burning flame,
GOD has blessed me with so much and ARTHUR M AVANT is my name.

Who are you my friends and why don’t you be proud of who you are today,
Live and let GOD,be patient after prayer and watch the blessings that come your way.



laurel rose publishing

“Our Angel”

by Ashley Hozey

A million hugs shared, a millon tears shed.
Now you are our families Angel and your wings you shall spread.
We remember your shakey hands and trembling knees, the talks we had and how you believed.

We remember you sitting in your chair, complaining about the rain or wondering when some one would visit you again.
You carried this family through the best and worst of times, even when you didn’t feel like getting through your day, you helped me through mine.

Oh what I would give to hear your walker rattle or the sound your house shoes made as you dragged them across the floor. I miss the little drip of snuff that was always left upon our cheeks as you gave us a kiss…things like that we will never forget.

We remember the day that we got the call, our hearts were soon to grieve. You told us you loved us but it was time for you to leave, that Papaw was waiting for you to come home and you were never even scared.
Inside we were terrified thinking…what will we do? How will we make it without the strength from you. Little did we realize that the few things you left behind were wisdom and strength you gathered in your 94 years.

Now with your Angelic wings spread, we miss you more than you will ever know and your memory each of us carries differently as we continue to grow.

We never realized the power of God until he gave us an Angel who made our lives heaven on earth. So keep walking beside us as we carry you in our hearts, the wings of an Angel never letting this family part.

laurel rose publishing

Morning Light

by Dr. Mike Cockrell

I love to watch the breaking of the dawn.

As the sun rises in the east and sheds its light on earth.

The wonder of God is easy to behold.

My soul is stirred and filled with joy.

My breath is taken by the majesty of it all.

My favorite time of day is at the breaking dawn.

laurel rose publishing

With Only You

by Chad R. Martin 

I share with you what I won’t with them,

Secret thoughts, hidden whims.

I put my faith in the soul I see,

for you behold that faith in me.


I force myself to draw the line,

that separates your heart and mine.

Not worthy to hold such stalwart grace

I look away, and hide my face


For what am I but a paupers pet

full of want but no regret.

I shall not blame my circumstance

on anything but happenstance


But I will not behoove my fate,

nor lash out with unbridled hate.

For it was you who lit the way,

and brought the dawn of brighter day.


If its my lot to live without,

I shall not beg nor will I shout,

or curse the heavens or the winds,

to grant me what I feel within.


For whatever life has in store,

I shall face it full as never before.

When others quit, fail, or hide,

I will always be at your side.


The light we share is blessed to grow

in eternity’s comforting glow.

Nevermore shall I fear to say,

how much you mean in every way.


To a man like me who walks a path,

free of pressure, guilt, or wrath,

I say to you as ever before,

you are in my heart forever more.

laurel rose publishing

“Half A Man”

by Prentis Goodwin

My darling, you are the perfect woman to love in many ways.
From the eye of the artist with the paintbrush to my expanding thoughts that define your untamed beauty.
As I drift away with thoughts of you running wild in my mind,
like a fire burning out of control I see you smile at me,
this only proves with out any doubt there is a heaven.
From the top of your head to the very tips
of your toes your soft skin and your loving eyes
God has given you to see all good things in life.
A dancer beside the ocean
Even the mighty waves threw their self at your feet.
The songbirds bring the new day with the call of your name
to lighten the morning sky and deliver to you the new morning sun. For as day’s turn to years while you grace the earth
it will always be your spotlight. The love you give will never be any less than a treasured gift.
If I were the man that held you close in my arms
I would never be…

“Half A Man”

laurel rose publishing

Time I see (for her)

by Chad Martin

In my mind, I plainly see
the breath and scope of eternity.
I can see the end of time,
cemented with your hand in mine.
I see the stars glow and dim
as the eons burn out within.
Yet in your eyes it isn’t so,
Shining with an eternal glow.
In their spark life begins,
filling the void with hope again.
What I see, you can not,
that your spirit burns, molten hot.
A heat so intense and bold,
it melts away the bitter cold.
You deny the power of your heart,
to light the way through the dark.
To strengthen those, in your life,
driving away their pain and strife.
You take no credit for the right
that you do, for others plight.
That modesty is what I adore
it anchors me like none before.
And though the end of time I see,
It’s the time that you’re away from me.

laurel rose publishing


My Brown Eyed Girl

by Dr. Mike Cockrell

When I walked into the room that night,

I saw her pass from the corner of my eye.

When finally we met, and she told me her name.

Life as I knew it was destined to change.

Since that night we met, life has been a whirl.

That’s the night I fell in love with my brown eyed girl.

My heart was taken from that first touch.

How can it be that I love you so much.

With each passing day, my love grows strong.

My life is passionate, happy and now filled with song.

We left our past and started life together.

Our love grows deeper through the storms that we weather.

The years have passed in the blink of an eye.

Yet still when I think of you, I just stop and sigh.

My love grows deeper as we walk through this world.

I long to grow old with my brown eyed girl.

As we walk through this life, you by my side.

The love that I feel is life’s true ride.

When we are here, together in love;

the world around us seems like heaven above.

The pain and problems of life disappear;

and love’s bliss erases the memories of our past years.

Oh, how I love to be in the arms of my brown eyed girl.

 laurel rose publishing