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Howard Boling is an author, artist, and poet. He developed a flare for dark tales and the macabre, which transcended into his storytelling and artworks. He has authored several poetry books and provided illustrations for children’s books. He currently resides in Northern Mississippi with his wife and children.


The Sound – Hardback $24.99

Laurel Rose Publishing

The Sound by Howard Boling

Howard’s newest release is a book called “The Sound”, the first in a planned series of spine tingling horror that is sure to keep you up at night.

1818. William Bell was a man torn by tragedy. Racing wildly through the cool Louisiana countryside on his stolen horse, he was fighting a war on two fronts. One was the enduring memory of his beloved Isabella whom he had failed to save. The second was the relentless pursuit of those looking to bring him to justice. The real horror was the trail of bloodied corpses left in his wake, murdered by an unseen darkness he knew all too well. William’s only choice for salvation is to confront the truth and in that darkness come face to face with the sound that haunts his dreams.


Far off in the down pour, deep in the forest, William Bell could see thick clouds of smoke spiraling skyward from some distance behind him. He guided his horse towards a clearing overlooking the valley where the convent stood. Hoping against hope, he peered into the valley, finding his nightmare manifested in reality. The convent was enveloped in flames and the bell tower was now a swirling inferno as the fire consumed it on all sides.

William watched powerless. One figure, engulfed in fire, dove from the tower top in a final attempt to escape. Another followed moments later as the flames swallowed the tower entirely. William closed his eyes tightly, lifting his face to the heavens as the rain beat down, mingling with his tears.

For a moment the presence was with him and he swore he could hear laughter.


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Hell’s Castaway $9.97

Laurel Rose Publishing

Hell’s Castaway by Howard Boling


From time to Time, we all get lost in life. We have memories that we treasure and recall with fondness and we have others that are of our worst and most painful moments. Both of these types of memories are the make-up of our souls. Within these pages are writings and poems, spanning over twenty years, from some of my darkest days. Days when hope seemed too far out of reach. Remember, when hope seems out of reach, keep reaching. Even the darkest night has a dawn. Howard Boling October 28, 2014





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A Random Spread Of Bones  $9.97

Laurel Rose Publishing

A Random Spread Of Bones by Howard Boling


A Random Spread Of Bones is Howard’s second book of poetry which delves even deeper into the psyche of the human soul where all our hopes, dreams, fears and failures reside. This book contains even more of Howard’s fantastic artwork which brings an even deeper meaning to the emotions he shares with this book. A Random Spread of Bones is a must read especially for those who keep those feelings in and are afraid to set them free.





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Strained Horizons $9.97

Laurel Rose Publishing

Strained Horizons by Howard Boling


“Heartache is just a part of life that tears us down, forces us to look at ourselves, our character, and we build ourselves back up. Stronger. Sometimes the building process takes years. Sometimes it’s never complete.” Strained Horizons is Howard Boling’s third book of thought provoking, life-altering poetry as experienced through one man’s eyes. This book also includes more of Howard’s insightful interpretive artwork.




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Children’s Books


Loralai The Lonely $9.97

Laurel Rose Publishing

Loralai The Lonely by Howard Boling and Chad Martin



Loralai The Lonely is the first book in the Loralai Ledbetter Series. Loralai Ledbetter lived a lonely life in the small town of Perilous Plot until that one fateful day she finds some new friends who help her discover that life is only lonely and blue if you let it be. Come join Loralai, Stanley, and Zombie in the first of many adventures!!

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Stanley’s Lost Gift  $9.97

Laurel Rose Publishing

Stanley’s Lost Gift by Howard Boling and Chad Martin


Stanley’s Lost Gift is Volume 2 of the Loralai Ledbetter series. Stanley Gothblue is on his way to his best friend’s birthday party when he suddenly has the gift he was taking stolen from him. He is ashamed to tell Loralai that he has no gift for her. But he may not have to worry about that when he meets a Brownie named Iggy who has promised to help him get a gift. All Stanley has to do is tell one little small lie to his friend. What will Stanley do? Will he accept the gift and lie to his friend or will he discover something far more important? Book 2 in the Loralai Ledbetter series promises another great lesson on friendship and why it’s important to always do the right thing.

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