Game Development

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Our game apps are a great new tool to add to your website to help drive traffic and keep customers on your page longer.

If you have a children’s book then our game designer can turn your book into a game which will keep children involved in the world you have created.  We let you choose the style of game you like from one of our templates then take the characters from your books and put them in the game.

Game Development Pricing:

$385 to develop the game.

$25/mo to host on your website billed at an annual fee ($300)

$125 plus $55/mo to have it turned into an app and hosted in iTunes and Google Play markets. (Our apps allow you to advertise your other services/products/brands through specialized advertising hosted in the app.

Check out our Loralai Ledbetter game based off of our top selling Loralai Ledbetter Series:


For More information:

Chad R Martin

Phone: 662-612-0703