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Thelmer & Sue

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Thelmer & Sue   Thelmer & Sue, the NEW book by RL Gregory is on sale now at Amazon and Barnes & Noble!   Life doesn’t end as we get older, it’s just the beginning. RL Gregory reminds us of this in vivid detail as she chronicles…

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Just Show Up

Just Show Up Writing is not easy, sometimes you have to just show up and write, pound out words, or free-write, to get the juices flowing. The process of writing a novel, even a short story, can be a very daunting task. Many experts have…

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Procrastination Procrastination is the killer of dreams. We’ve all had dreams. The world is built on them. Everything around us has come from someone’s imagination. From every great work of art, every piece of music, even the glass you’re drinking from, has been a product…

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Darkness and Hope

If you’re a man, the toughest challenge to your manhood is being a parent. I dropped Ari off at school this morning when, unbidden, the paranoia hit me. Could something happen to her today, to her classmates? And what of my friends who are teachers…

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Welcome to Inspiration Corner

Do you ever wake up early in the morning with thoughts flooding through your mind? Do you ever have that small still voice shake you from a slumber? Do you ever have a moment when it seems like a light bulb has just gone off…

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