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Stanley’s Lost Gift

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Stanley’s Lost Gift Stanley’s Lost Gift is Volume 2 of the Loralai Ledbetter series. Stanley Gothblue is on his way to his best friend’s birthday party when he suddenly has the gift he was taking stolen from him. He is ashamed to tell Loralai that he…

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Loralai The Lonely

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Loralai The Lonely Loralai The Lonely is the first book in the Loralai Ledbetter Series. Loralai Ledbetter lived a lonely life in the small town of Perilous Plot until that one fateful day she finds some new friends who help her discover that life is…

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Suffering For Victory

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Suffering For Victory Suffering For Victory by J.B. Wood is an inspirational journey about a farmer who would make a decision that would impact his family’s lives forever. W.H. Wood was born in 1902 and raised as a farmer in Smith County, Mississippi. He only…

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Finding Christmas

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Finding Christmas Finding Christmas. Long ago in a time before Santa Claus had become a household name, in a small northern town in Winter Valley called Finn, a young man took off on a quest to bring hope back to his fading village. After almost…

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An Inspired Life

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An Inspired Life An Inspired Life is a book of quotes that is dedicated to providing you with an uplifting and motivational thought every day of the year. Lisa Cockrell brings her positive view of life, along with all of the wisdom she has learned…

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Hell’s Castaway

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Hell’s Castaway Hell’s Castaway is a deep look inside of the human psyche. From time to Time, we all get lost in life. We have memories that we treasure and recall with fondness and we have others that are of our worst and most painful…

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Avant 365

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Avant 365 Avant 365 is a collection of 365 Poems that were written in a span of 55 days with the love and support of my parents who have always insisted I be humble which is a strong influence throughout my writing. I hope you…

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Stepping Forward

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Stepping Forward Stepping Forward is an inspirational book of poems that explores nature and the world through Haiku. With over a hundred Haiku this book touches on love, loss, and living in the world around us. Smith, James E. was born March 30, 1949 in…

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